This was a competition that I worked on for 30 hours straight during the first weekend of Spring Break. This competition invited every Texas Architecture Program to send a team of Four Students to participate. Our Team costisted of four students and a faculty sponsor Will Cotton (undergrad), Brian Wills (grad), Amador Saucedo (grad), Ryan Woods (undergrad), and our Sponsor Prof McDonald. The competition was instituted to help redesign the city of Junction Texas making it a better place for both citizens and tourists. We choose to present this project through the use of both digital and analog pictures and we elected to make each of our design concepts a 3D anglygh which we used as a tool to show both the jury and town how our ideas would come to life. So if you have a pair of red and blue 3D glasses you should put them on for an enhanced experience.

We started our competition by interviewing junction citizens and business owners about there fantastic town. From there we were able to identify things that would greatly improve their cities economy as well as improve the life and the general welfare for those who live in the town.

We started our proposal by establishing an icon for the city that could be seen from the Interstate. We choose to make the city’s icon a water tower to play off the city’s slogan”Land of Living Water.” From there we were able to define a district.

Once we defined the district we choose to revamp the city’s historic section through an viable and economical improvement by implementing a simple window hanging in each of the eight vacant storefronts. These window hangings would be Junction themed and tell visitors the story of junction. These hangings would breathe life into an otherwise dead historic section as well as provide a better view for new prospective tenants.

Our next task was to address an issue that everyone chimed in about. There was a problem with the local super market. So we choose to implement a farmers market. This would give the outlet for new business opportunities as well as provide this close knit community with a congregation zone for local news and gossip. The design of this market  utilizes the “Land of Living Waters” slogan through the implementation of an adjustable water wall system that regulates booth sizes as well as providing people with private gossip zones.

Another thing we noticed was the absence of a playground within the city. Since the city removed there playscape equipment we felt it necessary to reinstate a playground that is conveniently located within walking distance of the local school. We choose to create a western outlaw themed playscape that played off of Junction’s western history and its outlaw associations.

Lastly, Since the the city of junction does not have many bright lights. We wanted to implement a public star gazing area. This would be  is located at “Lovers Point.” which provides people with the best view of the bright Texas Stars. This would provide the city with piece of nature tourism that the town has prided itself on.

Overall the competition was very fun and was a rewarding experience, and we were very glad that we had the opportunity to represent our school.

To view original sized High Resolution pdf please click: Junction Final Boards


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