Deans Cup 2010

Here is my submission for the Inaugural Texas Tech Deans Cup Competition. This project finished as the runner up. This project was created by Myself and fellow architecture major Will Cotton, and it was an ideas competition to repurpose the existing gallery space on the first floor of the Texas Tech Architecture Building. More information on this project can be found here: (’s_Cup_2010).


2 responses to “Deans Cup 2010

  1. The yellow works really well! I want to know more about what it is telling me though. Can you make the other images clickable links?

    I’m intrigued…

    • Good to hear from you Mike! Yeah this was for a Deans Cup Ideas competition that Will Cotton and I entered last week. It was to redesign the current gallery on the first floor of the arch building. We proposed to have a dual purpose space which accommodated the needs of the administration (gallery, lecture hall, etc.) as well as provide a space for students to have fun after hours. So we choose to implement two elements that would aid in that transition. The peg board style floor and the track system. The floor would allow for a small stadium style seating, dividing walls, gallery space. At night the floor allows students to use there creativity to come up with activities (jousting, lilly pads, mazes, etc.) ( During the Day the Track allows for art to be displayed inside and outside, and at night the track allows for a students to race around on human powered monorail called a (Schweeb) ( There was a good turnout about 165 entries, We were the runner up in the competition. So how has the graduated life been for you? Your website looks pretty sweet i cant wait till you finish.


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